• Since 1989, The Hill Times has reached Canada’s Cabinet Ministers, Senators, key aides, Parliament Hill staffers, and top government policy and decision-makers.

•  In 2004, The Hill Times launched its Wednesday edition, Embassy newsweekly, which delves deeply into Canada’s international, immigration, defence, development, and trade policies.

• The Hill Times and Embassy consistently reach 84 per cent of our targeted readers, far more than any other single medium. 

• The Hill Times and Embassy are used by the most creative and effective of government relations planners and the shrewdest of government sales directors to communicate with decision-makers.  

• In terms of cost per government decision-maker reached, the twice-weekly power of The Hill Times and Embassy are by far the most cost-efficient media for your message.

• The Hill Times and Embassy give you a voice twice a week with the audience that will make a difference to your issue, industry, or business.

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