How many more must die in Honduras?

Environmentalists’ deaths should be wake-up call to investor countries like Canada.

Canada should upgrade its subcommittee on international human rights

SIHR looks like an accident of history, rather than a robust parliamentary institution.

Harper in Israel: Amidst the spectacle, no time for human rights

Many eyes were watching closely during this visit. There would have been no better time to show that Canada is a principled human rights champion. But that was not to be.

UN human rights review an opportunity to act

Emerging from the UN review was the need for federal action on poverty, homelessness, and food insecurity. The federal government has consistently dismissed this role.

Colombia trade deal goes forward as Indigenous peoples at risk

While a report has been promised for May 2013, there is no guarantee it will look seriously at the impact on Indigenous peoples.

Guantanamo Bay 10 years on: Human rights gone wrong

Obama should show leadership and recommit to his earlier promise to close the prison, and Harper should call on him to stick with that promise. There can be no second decade.

If there is to be peace, there must be justice

It has been more than two years now. Early 2009 was a frightening, chilling time for hundreds of thousands of Tamil civilians in Sri Lanka. Trapped between an advancing Sri Lankan military offensive and the retreating armed opposition LTTE (or Tamil Tigers), they were caught in the middle of intense, unrelenting fighting and suffered abuses from both directions. Thousands of women, men and young people were killed and there were massive levels of displacement.

Maternal mortality: It's all about human rights

The announcement by Prime Minister Stephen Harper that maternal and child health will be central to the discussions at the G8 meeting in Canada this June has been followed by a serious lack of clarity around which aspects of maternal health are actually on the agenda.

Chad: International intervention needed now more than ever

The crucial effort to bring peace and stability to a troubled and volatile corner of Africa—Sudan's Darfur region, the eastern reaches of Chad and the northern Central African Republic—hangs in the balance this week, and could unravel quickly. Canada, in the midst of a campaign for a seat on the UN Security Council, would do well to assist in averting what could once again spiral into a humanitarian crisis.

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