Congo’s vulnerable lose food aid

Canada has been a top donor, says World Food Programme rep.

Canada uses ‘politics of deflection’ says UN investigator

‘Very active groups’ identify ‘those who are critical of Israel as being anti-Semitic,’ says Richard Falk.

Has the Canadian military lost its ‘heart and soul’?

In the last of our series on mental health in the Canadian Armed Forces, Embassy looks at the tragic current state of affairs.

Clear sailing now, but AG points to shipbuilding risks ahead

Budget constraints could lead to tradeoffs, report indicates.

How to bounce back from mental battle wounds

In the second in a series on Canada’s handling of military operational stress injuries, Embassy looks at prevention.

Philippines response a typhoon of its own

Development and foreign policy analysts say they haven’t seen this level of public engagement since Haiti. Others say it sets a new record.

How military mental health issues are treated

Embassy embarks on a new series looking at how military operational stress injuries are handled in Canada. This week: the treatments.

Filipino, Syrian immigration offers compared

Alexander contrasts the gradual escalation of the Syrian conflict with the sudden nature of a typhoon.

Feds keep funding volunteer-sending groups—for now

Money will flow for another year, but a long-term review continues for this international development program.

Czech envoy gave up citizenship, underwent screening

Otto Jelinek’s appointment cast as potential conflict of interest.

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