Harper’s foreign travel spending down in 2012-13

It’s waxed and waned over the last five years in the low millions.

Guatemalans protest Canadian mines in their backyard

Good corporate citizens or community destroyers? Two tales of Canadian mining companies in Guatemala.

Saying ‘tourism’ and ‘Haiti’ in the same sentence

The Haitian ambassador says tourism can rejuvenate the country, but there are many hurdles.

Trade is not political, says Honduran minister

With signed deal, Canada is set to regain access to beef and pork markets and Honduras said it’s positioning itself for more foreign investment.

Guatemala’s courts need Canada’s attention: Human rights lawyer

‘Unassuming’ new foreign affairs DM to tackle merger

Daniel Jean’s move caps a year of change in the top foreign policy ranks of the public service.

Government reacts to concerns over foreign affairs merger plan

CIDA's themes of gender equality, environment, and governance and human rights 'will continue to play an important role,' writes spokesperson.

Defence lobby wants a piece of the renewal plan action

Officials say industry might see a trickle-down effect, but the money is meant to be invested in operational readiness.

New foreign affairs structure questioned

Concerns raised that gender equality, environment, governance and human rights do not appear anywhere in the new org chart.

Canada sends C-17 to Lebanon to aid UN mission in Syria

Military cargo jet was also offered during 2013 Mali conflict.

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