Feds argue technicality at diplomat strike hearing

Union: bargaining in good faith overarching theme in labour relations act.

Former envoy to Haiti leading foreign affairs transition team

Although scarce details causing employee frustrations, observers say merger is in capable hands.

Multiculturalism minister details remain murky

Feds mostly mum on multiple ministers’ roles. Kenney remains responsible for the file with Uppal at his side.

Canada refused to scold Europeans for Bolivia president’s plane disruption

It and the US added footnotes to an OAS resolution agreed on by consensus, which state that they don’t, in fact, consent.

Canada shirking UN population and development review: Observers

It didn’t respond to a global questionnaire and was a no-show at a regional conference. That puts it at odds with its maternal and child health priority, says one prof.

Former Brunei envoy mentioned in Senate expense scandal

Magdalene Teo was posted to Ottawa in the 1990s while Sen. Mac Harb was an MP for a downtown Ottawa riding. Sen. Harb is well known in Ottawa diplomatic circles.

Kosovo gauges Canada’s support for NATO membership

Five years after independence, Kosovo’s foreign minister is in Ottawa talking investment, and whether his government plans to open an embassy in Canada.

Private sector focus on aid: A long time coming

Government docs show a strategy was being formed in the beginning of 2011, months before a House committee started studying the issue.

Mexican beef ban still a sore point

Canadian, Mexican health authorities to meet in Ottawa next month.

Youth internship program faces uncertain future

NGOs, opposition worry popular program may be axed, despite budget commitment.

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