Despite war, wine keeps flowing at Syrian vineyard

Domaine de Bargylus is the country’s only commercial winery.

Argentina’s biggest wine party

One website describes the National Grape Harvest Festival as the ‘Eurovision Song Contest rolled up with a North American beauty pageant, served up with a South American street carnival and washed down with lots of wine.'

Ontario producer to showcase wines at Oscars bash

Trius Brut and Red to be tasted at pre-awards party in LA.

BC winery caters to Lunar New Year

It makes a limited-release red and white to be consumed with Asian cuisine.

Sliding loonie a ‘golden opportunity’ for wine exporters

For some producers, though, the crunch comes when buying supplies abroad.

Don’t let Sauv Blanc be misunderstood

This fresh, grassy white has New Zealand beating France at its own game.

Welcome to icewine season

After the temperature hits -8°C, it’s time to harvest this sweet treat.

Bubbly fit for a PM

A Nova Scotia winery is making waves internationally for its terroir-driven sparkling wine.

Champagne for the rest of us

Don’t want to shell out $60 a pop for the real stuff? We’ve got you covered.

Climate change could be a nightmare for wine lovers

Rising temperatures could alter the terroir-driven gems appreciated, studied and collected by many.

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