A crisp, clean taste of Slovakia

If tasted blind next to similar Ontario varietals, I might have had trouble identifying them.

Mark your calendar for Beaujolais Nouveau Day

The wine is set to released at midnight on Nov. 19, just weeks after harvest.

Sip on something new at Global Affairs gala

Ottawa wine drinkers may get their first taste of BC’s CC Jentsch Cellars.

Turkey: A hidden gem of the wine world

Overlooked as a wine country, it’s been producing for thousands of years.

At first blush, TPP could be good for Canadian wine

Great to open trade, but vintners need support at home, says industry group head.

Slovenia, an unsung wine region

This southeastern European country of two million boasts three wine regions.

Pop a bottle of fizzy for Queen Lizzy

Though it’s not on Canada's radar, the UK is producing quality sparkling wines.

Austria’s signature grape, and a zingy red

Their names may be hard to pronounce, but don’t let that turn you away.

Up in smoke, or full of hot air? How the wildfires affected BC wineries

‘In some cases the media kind of blew things out of proportion’: Winery manager.

Homegrown kosher wine uncorked in Ontario

A small batch of Prince Edward County riesling has some in the Jewish community excited.

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