Harmonizing the rules of agri-food trade

In the TPP, the role of standards and common rules for agricultural trade becomes even more pertinent.

Food is the key to sustainable development

A crucial shortcoming to the world achieving greater progress on the MDGs were its compartmentalized actions.

The impact on water resources by trade deals

The interplay between water, energy and food is one which has to be carefully handled.

Where farms and mines collide: How to resolve the tension

Communication is key to building fragile relationships.

How to leverage win-win agricultural opportunities with the Americas

While attention to Asia and Europe is high, commodities, equipment, and services associated with the agriculture and agri-food business have largely underexploited potential in the region.

Whetting the appetite for food security

Canada, in particular Ontario, is a pacesetter.

Inter-acting for food security in the Americas

Agriculture is the most important economic activity in the rural areas of most of the countries in the hemisphere. In Canada, for example, the sector contributes about 8.5 per cent to the Gross Domestic Product, with one in eight Canadians working in the agriculture or agri-food industry. This underscores the importance of agriculture to the Canadian economy.

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