Seeking the ‘human context’ in diplomacy

South Korea's ambassador, set to retire back to Seoul, reflects on his 36-year diplomatic career.

David Mulroney and the 'perpetual card game'

Former ambassador to China says Harper government must think longer term about its domestic-focused approach to foreign relations.

Canada needs 'zero tolerance' for sexual violence: Red Cross official

UN committee finds Canada committed 'grave violation of rights' under international convention; Canada disagrees.

Local military efforts a higher priority to Canadians than overseas missions: Pollster

Majority of Canadians surveyed said natural disasters, search and rescue, sovereignty patrols should be top military priorities.

Government computers subject to 'millions' of 'probing attempts' daily: Fantino

Junior defence minister calls out “foreign countries or companies” as well as “criminal organizations,” “activists with political or social agendas” and “terrorists” as possible cyber threats.

Canada-Vietnam series: The wounds of war

Canada has had success with postwar development in Vietnam, but human rights issues remain an 'active' concern.

Back to Parliament: Calendar of events

No dates yet for this year's budget, election, or two important head-of-state meetings. But carry on.

Canada-Vietnam series: ‘Anyone with money will send their children abroad to study’

Canada’s leading export to Vietnam is education, says the Canadian Embassy, but you’ve got to pay to play.

Canada-Vietnam series: Hydro’s power

A Canadian non-profit and the Canadian-supported Asian Development Bank helped soften the blow of villagers in Vietnam who were forcefully relocated to make way for a dam.

Canada-Vietnam series: The tiger's tangled web

Systemic issues like bribery and complex state-owned enterprise holdings are limiting growth in Vietnam, and Canada is trying to change that.


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