RCMP protective work scrutinized after shooting

Researcher points to ‘substantial day-to-day organizational pressure.’

Tories rejected departmental, diplomatic advice to join UN Vietnam program

Paradis told bureaucrats to hunt for ‘technical assistance’ options instead.

Legislative lookahead: Ministers and their critics

Albertastan: The quotes that mattered in 2015

11 quotes that resonated, summed up the situation or served as harbingers.

Who said Ottawa’s boring?

We may be pencil pushers by day, but Ottawans know how to have fun on off hours. From our staff to yours, here’s an all-season guide to kick it up a notch on posting in Canada’s capital.

Iranian human rights lawyer picked as first Scholar at Risk in Ottawa

Hossein Raeesi will be a visiting scholar in Carleton’s Department of Law and Legal Studies.

High risk of dirty money in Canadian real estate, says report ordered by financial intel agency

Experts agree, but lack of data means analysis is difficult.

Election 2015: Debate over expat voting rights reignited

The election is on! If you qualify to vote by mail from abroad, apply online as soon as possible.

Money, attention still flow to Canada-US border pact

Preclearance, air cargo deals now in play; industry still waiting for single window, trusted trader.

No rulebook for safe-haven cases, say former envoys

Some say Canada was justified in harbouring armed demonstrators inside its Kyiv mission.

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