Money, attention still flow to Canada-US border pact

Preclearance, air cargo deals now in play; industry still waiting for single window, trusted trader.

No rulebook for safe-haven cases, say former envoys

Some say Canada was justified in harbouring armed demonstrators inside its Kyiv mission.

Big history, big civilization

Mongolia's ambassador wants to share his cultural heritage.

Mitacs and the giant internship program you've never heard of

The federal Conservatives can’t seem to stop throwing money and attention at this national non-profit.

Cesar’s story

Incoming Project Ploughshares executive director talks about how he came to Canada and wound up in Waterloo, Ont.

UPDATED: Chrétien, Putin to meet in Moscow

Former PM and Russian envoy both attended Ottawa meeting on April 20.

Environment Canada reports higher greenhouse gas emissions since 1990

Emissions stood at 726 megatonnes in 2013 after Canada redid its inventory submission to the United Nations.

Russia laments 'political games' as foreign minister set to miss Arctic Council

Discussing an Arctic military operation, junior defence minister speaks of 'threats posed by the Russians.'

Wording of government’s own emissions reduction target narrowed

Public Works says despite the exclusion of leased space, it insists on industry greening standards.

‘Vietnamese-Canadians’ to be honoured at Victims of Communism memorial

Embassy shoots back that Vietnamese were ‘victims of foreign domination.'


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