Canada knew nuclear deal with China could be seen as ‘weak’: Docs

Briefing notes say even though safeguards changed, non-proliferation policy would still be achieved.

Ukraine trade talks still off until country changes its WTO policy: Foreign Affairs

Prime Minister Stephen Harper had announced March 22 that he had ‘agreed to establish a basis to restart’ talks.

The quiet parade of Chinese military brass to Canada

New document reveals handful of top officials making the trip since 2008.

Russian defence chief visit, northern military talks on ice: DND

Russian Embassy official says the mission is ‘disappointed.’

Canada’s divisive drive to sell more weapons abroad

Public works minister touts new military exports plan, but critics say a new Saudi arms deal raises human rights concerns.

CSEC’s policy arm rises to prominence

Former chief: Snowden proved spy agency’s policy craft was important; others raise oversight concerns.

To serve, protect and harmonize

Beyond the Border: Joint Policing and Emergency Response

Little-known federal monitoring centre tracked bee protest

Bee Die In one of five protests the government monitored in 2013: Docs.

Beyond the Border: Tracking and Monitoring


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