Changing the Canada channel in Asia

This is South Korea’s fourth agreement in this hemisphere. If this were the PanAm games Canada wouldn’t be on the podium.

Industry must play key role in selling South Korea trade deal

We have things the South Koreans want and are willing to pay for, but we tend to subsidize uncompetitive industries.

An agenda for a more competitive North America

Canada clearly could take on a distinct and productive role in the region.

Provinces showing up feds in trade

Provincial initiatives are as much a reaction to the changing nature of global trade as a response to federal shortcomings.

Look to Asia to solidify North America

Brad Wall and Saskatchewan’s moment

The booming province faces a demographics problem.

Five ways the Canada-EU trade deal will work for the West

A deal that helps Central Canada will be good for the West, however counter-intuitive that may seem.

With Mexico, time for Western Canada to follow Quebec

Waiting until Mexico’s oil concession bidding table to suddenly show concern will not do the West any favours.

Turning the page on the private sector and development debate

Development NGOs are working with the private sector—and the sky hasn’t fallen.

Canada’s second Pacific trade blunder

The decision not to seek Pacific Alliance membership mimics an earlier mistake dismissing the TPP’s importance.

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