Remembering Ken Taylor, a Canadian hero

Canada’s most famous diplomat made time for everyone, even in his final days.

Kenny Sees Insecurity on Canadian Home Front

The growing economic storm batters markets, industries and investors around the globe but last week's terrorist attacks in Mumbai served as a reminder that security threats have not left the stage as an on-going problem.

Canadian Students Staying at Home: Country Lagging in International Student Mobility

The fact that few Canadian students are pursuing part of their academic programs abroad has not been mentioned in the current federal election campaign.

The War Within One Man and Humanity

Global Nuclear Group a Risk for Canada: Critics

An Agnostic's View of Islam's Clash with the West

National Post columnist George Jonas talks about religion, politics, immigration and identity.

Arab World Angry with Canada

Palestinian Information Minister Mustafa Barghouti talks about his snub by Peter MacKay and how Canada should deal with his government.

Two Books Chart the Tories' Phoenix-like Return

Student Union Fears Multinational Donor Compromised University's Water Research

So Much Canadian Media, So Few Owners

Embassy takes a look at who owns Canada's daily newspapers and electronic media, and comes up with a very short long list.

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