The permanent Canadian campaign

In Canada-US relations, all politics is local. That means taking our game to every state, using digital diplomacy.

The border: The bygone days of 'Pass friend'

Landing at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport after a 12-hour flight from Beijing, I saw that there was a connecting flight to Ottawa 45 minutes later. Could I manage US Customs and Border Protection, catch the train from Terminal 5 to 1 and then get past security? The US Airways agent was doubtful. The line for customs was at least 30 minutes and the security wait at Terminal 1 was currently 40 minutes, but if I got off at Terminal 2 it was only a 20-minute wait with a 10-minute hoof through the underground tunnel.

Advancing Canadian interests with the US

Apart from a couple of tropes about the "Americanization" of our gun registration in the French language debate and Ralph Nader's warnings about "deep integration," one of the most remarkable features of this campaign was the absence of any reference to Canada-US relations and February's Washington Declaration.

Use our brief spotlight to leave a mark

Tomorrow, Prime Minister Harper sits down with his G20 counterparts in Pittsburgh to talk about the global economic situation.

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