Can Canadian diplomatic leadership be restored?

An answer in five uneasy pieces, for the poetry of international relations and the plumbing of diplomacy.

Seven steps to a higher functioning foreign ministry

If Canada is to regain its stature as a valuable player on the world stage, GAC will have to improve.

Canada and the Asia Pacific: Unsteady interest and opportunities lost

The price of neglect, ineptitude and underperformance has been high.

High hopes for the Independent Commission on Multilateralism

Canada is playing a role in this new initiative set to examine the redesign of multilateral architecture.

A time of remembrance, and forgetting

What elements previously associated with Canadian global engagement might have been lost or forgotten?

One hundred years on, the Great War still has lessons for Canada

If we are to more successfully broach the 21st century’s complex suite of threats and challenges, there is very much to be done.

Can Obama move America off its ‘permanent war footing’?

In defence of diplomacy: Canada must do better

Diplomacy still matters—but new training needed

If provided with resources and training, diplomats can and should be restored as catalysts for imaginative strategic thinking.

Heteropolarity, globalization and the new threat set

In the heteropolar world under construction, security will flow not from defence, but from development and diplomacy. And the diplomatic centre of gravity will shift away from formal chancelleries and into storefronts, souks, and conflict zones.

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