How to start repairing Canada's global standing

Here are some steps Canada could take after the election that would send important signals that Canada is back in the game.

Asian infrastructure bank sets sail without Canada

The Harper government’s decision to hold off is mystifying many and raises bigger questions about Canada’s Asia strategy.

Canada should join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

Despite US objections, there seems little reason for Canada to hold back in signing on to the Chinese-led development bank.

Our generation-defining struggle is not against the Islamic State

While fighting terrorists is necessary, it won’t do much to solve problems of employment and opportunity.

Our problems are global and require global governance

We can take actions at home that improve lives, but ultimately we will have to find new ways to ensure globalization works for all.

Tories, Grits, NDP must get serious about climate change

They need only read the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

The coming water wars

Egypt and Ethiopia are already trading barbs. Climate change and population growth threaten to trigger conflicts over food and water.

US is an increasingly unreliable economic partner

Congress foot-dragging on TPP, IMF threatens trust on world financial stage.

NAFTA success impossible to measure

The sunny view of Canada

Americans have a favourable view of their northern neighbours, says a new poll.

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