Needed: A Mac-Pap battalion for Ukraine

The killing goes on with a complicated conflict in semi-stalemate. Canadians should go there to help.

Putin’s Russia is not Hitler’s Germany, but—

There are some similarities between the two.

For MH17 victims, justice may never come

Precedent suggests acrimonious, inconclusive finger-pointing to no ultimate result.

Toxic fallout: The Heyman-McKenna exchange

The Canada-US ambassadorial pair’s public duel displayed the frayed relations between the two countries.

The president and the pipeline

Obama's delay on Keystone XL is no longer principled, but puerile.

America just breathed a sigh of relief

Because the US government would have very reluctantly accepted Quebec independence.

Obama’s committing contempt of Canada with ambassador choice

Washington is poised to send another bagman. One doubts that he will have the access or leverage to promote US interests in Canada effectively.

Know when to walk away

The circumstances in Mali epitomize a local responsibility exercise. Why does Ottawa believe it has a dog in this fight?

Nuclear talks with Iran: A bucket of diamonds for an empty bucket

The Middle East peace process defines frustration. Negotiators rush from one intractable problem to another—and watch problems they had believed resolved start to unravel.

Slicing diplomacy: You get what you pay for

Observers tell those with reduced budgets they must do more with less. The reality is that all you can do is less.

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