Ten million children in Yemen paying the price for an adult’s war

Yemen was already a fragile state. This conflict, one year on, is deepening poverty and deprivation.

Ensuring children’s fundamental human rights

The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal has taken an important step to right an historic injustice.

Launching the blueprint for the next generation

There has been real progress. Many millions now enjoy a quality of life never imagined by previous generations. However, others have been left behind.

MDGs to SDGs: Most vulnerable children at risk with new global goals

Canada’s influence critical to ensuring they are not forgotten.

To build a better future, start with our youngest

Let’s build on our success for mothers and children in developing countries

We encourage the Canadian government to continue its leadership on maternal and child health with sustained support beyond 2015.

Transparency initiative could save billions—if aid commitments kept

Now, more than ever, it is critical Canada sets a positive example to the international community.

A country at a crossroads

Eddy Pascal School was three stories tall. Located in a rented building in one of Port-au-Prince's struggling neighbourhoods, it provided education to 400 children.

The time for words and promises is over

When I went to New York for last week's United Nations' Millennium Development Goal Review Summit, I thought the event would produce moderate outcomes. I didn't, however, leave New York with a sense that the summit was a failure.

Government is necessary to fulfil MDGs

New York in the fall isn't as beautiful as Muskoka at this time of year, with its gorgeous fall colours and crisp country air. There is, however, a tangible link between Canadian cottage country and one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world.

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