When is a trade agreement not a trade agreement?

Agreements to convey to foreign corporations rights and privileges not available to domestic corporations are not about trade.

Re-engaging in the world

Canada has a short runway to prepare for COP21.

Ottawa attacks weren’t terrorism

They appear to have been committed by a delusional man on his own.

We are ignoring the climate change threat to food production

Disappearing Arctic ice has created more extreme storms around the world.

The panda in the room

Oceans at risk like never before

Acidification is the ‘equally evil twin’ of the climate crisis.

Get the right deal, not a rushed deal

One thing the prime minister cares about (the CETA) could be sabotaged by his record on things he thought didn’t matter (Kyoto, climate, asbestos).

No government has a mandate to destroy our natural world

We are now fighting a rear-guard action against losing all the laws we have.

Immigration decisions callous, Kafkaesque

Woman can't reunite with son after five years; 97-year-old woman told her case may take another 47 months.

Time to reverse Conservative climate failures

In no other area of public policy has the contrast between the Harper government and previous governments been as dramatic as on climate.

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