'We have a feeling Canada listens'

Cresting at nearly 6,000 metres above sea level and peering out over the vista of northern Tanzania and southern Kenya, Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa's highest peak and a member of the exclusive list of seven summits—the highest mountain on each of the world's continents.

New stealth fighter project highlights Russia, China as future threats

With their military having spent the better part of a decade amongst insurgents, improvised explosive devices and suicide bombers, Canadians have arguably become accustomed to the idea that future wars will largely consist of low-intensity counterinsurgency conflicts.

'Everything in our industry is driven by China'

The economic recession means Canadian sectors are increasingly turning to the Middle Kingdom.

Bridging the gaps between Iraq and Canada

In 2005, nervous US troops walked the streets of Baghdad by day and insurgents ran amok at night. Abdulrahman Hamid Mohammed Al-Hussaini and his family were living in a particularly dangerous area near the Iraqi capital.

The fine line between foreign co-operation and influence

Richard Fadden's remarks raise questions about what defines positive and negative international engagement.

Why was Fadden in front of cameras?

Questions abound over the spy master's reasons for talking to the CBC.

Arctic Council supreme, says Committee

The Standing Committee on National Defence has put its seal of approval on recommendations many experts have long called for in Canada's Arctic.

Venezuela, Canada share energy focus

Jhannett Maria Madriz Sotillo, Venezuela's new ambassador to Canada, arrived in Ottawa only 13 days ago, but is already impressed by the "beauty" and "history" of the Canadian capital.

Are media missing the Afghanistan story?

Throughout Canada's mission in Afghanistan, many have complained that the public is not receiving sufficient information from the field about the military and its operations.

Canada aid program 'disappointing': Jeffrey Sachs

Since taking over as G8 host, Canadian officials have been working overtime to make "accountability" one of the mantras for this year's summit.

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