Our disastrous military interventions

There can be no expectation that our military interventions will do more good than the obvious disaster they are.

Canadians overseas need help

The government can pick and choose which Canadians it will and won’t help. That should change.

Perfidious Albion meets the Ugly American

The forces for greater global unity are now hostage to the very success of that unity.

Declare victory and get out

Invasions are always done for laudable reasons, but invaders are rarely prepared for the fallout.

The wars of our times

The easy part is to go to war, but there is often little if any consideration given to the consequences that follow.

When the Russians leave

What is the Russian endgame and their exit strategy?

The Russians are coming

The fundamental question now is whether to drop the demand that the Assad regime go.

Wrongdoing in high places

From Watergate to Duffygate, officials are often found to be lacking a moral or ethical compass.

Let's hear it for European unity

It is not surprising that serious issues and problems roil the EU from time to time. What is extraordinary is that the mechanisms for co-operation are sufficiently robust.

The unfinished business of Kurdistan

How would an independent Kurdistan square with Ottawa’s aversion to new states based on linguistic and cultural attributes?

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