'A fatwa has been issued against you'

Legitimate comments add to the debate and are welcomed—but this was a personal threat.

Canada, the US and TPP: Peeing on Harper’s election bus

War of words on dairy comes amid chilly Harper-Obama ties.

Chattanooga, by any other name

The violence that is now hidden by our simplistic use of the word "terrorism" will continue.

Vietnam: Old enemy, new friend

Canada has had little to do with the broad scope of US initiatives in Asia apart from the TPP.

Not that lame a duck

Fortunately, there are signs the US has not only survived the Obama presidency but has prospered.

Our migratory world

Today’s conflicts and resulting migrations differ little from those of our ancestors.

MacKay's fading glory

There is nothing during MacKay's nine years that historians will identify as unique to his tenures, and in fact there is much with which to find fault.

The lure of the Fatherland

Georgia, Moldova and especially Ukraine are, in their modern iterations, incapable of developing and implementing policies that can overcome the strong irredentist urging of the people affected.

'Freedom is way better than I thought'

It is now evident why the government fought to prevent Omar Khadr from speaking from within prison and to prevent his release: he has not been damaged.

Afghanistan: How times have changed

The refusal to accept a visit by Ghani and Abdullah demonstrates how shallow our commitment was.

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