Clothes and the politician

A “needless concession” a few years ago is today a political necessity, only the victims have changed.

Foreign worker deportations are perverse aberration

Instead of punishing the companies involved, the federal government decided to deal with the problems by acting against defenceless workers.

The convenience of perpetual war

It is ironic that, as we near our 150th anniversary as a country, we have become one of the world’s warmongers.

Cuba: An island looking for more sun

The US détente is promising, but what will happen after the Castro brothers die?

Netanyahu's captives

Netanyahu understands the American political system as well as he understands his own.

Alfred Dreyfus and Omar Khadr, bookends of injustice

It is time perhaps for the current minister, Stephen Blaney, to change his name to Blarney.

The futility of war

Leaders see the invasion of another country as an easy short term policy. Canadians don't seem to understand the political manipulation underway.

Baird's version of Harper's Kool-Aid

Canadian principles ended up being influenced not by the complexities of the world but by the complexities of the Canadian electorate.

The hostage dilemma

In the shadows there is an array of examples of governments who do pay to have their citizens released—or at least facilitate the payment of ransom by intermediaries.

Migration is the real story

Central America's children at America's doorstep; Israel's battles with Gaza; Russia's strong-arming of Ukraine—they're all connected by this little-understood phenomenon.

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