Strange things under the Ottawa sun

The Harper Conservatives have been as revolutionary or reactionary a government that Canada has ever seen. But it has been change through subterfuge, duplicity and artifice—not with shouting from the barricades.

Senate screw-ups detract from foreign policy

And trying to fix the upper chamber means complicated constitutional contortions.

Canada’s preventative detention scheme akin to internment camps

Bring Arctic waters under international governance

The disappearing Arctic ice cover is but one of the many consequences of worse things to come.

It is easier to decry foreign nightmares than deal with domestic ones

Canada’s response to the kidnappings in Nigeria is especially ironic given the number of missing and murdered aboriginal women.

The malicious concept of Mother Canada

In most cases, the concept of motherland places the state at the centre of the political system, with people relegated to supportive roles.

The breakup of states and lessons for Canada

Over the years Canadian foreign policy has maintained as a fundamental article not to create foreign enemies or supporters for Quebec independence.

Arctic claim reaches into diminished past

Canada’s original claim to the Polar waters was based on a principle that has faded from use.

Gods, Caesars and elections

Never in the history of Canadian diplomacy has such a delegation left our shores and used in support of a contentious foreign policy issue.

The politics of numbers

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