The Iran deal’s overlooked significance

This deal represents a rare co-operation of the five permanent members of the Security Council in managing one of the world’s most complex and sensitive foreign policy issues.

Qatar’s quiet understanding of Canadian politics

The mad rush by Mr. Baird says more about electoral support in Quebec than anything else.

The Canadian legacy of Margaret Thatcher

No other group of foreign politicians was as large or as laudatory in their praise as members of the Harper government.

When dreams give way to nightmares

The benign view of Canada and Canadians is now one of apprehension.

Are we paying more for consular services than necessary?

In the current fiscal year it is expected that about $95 million will be collected in fees while the spending forecast is only $65.7 million.

No slam dunks with Uncle Sam

The Americans are hoping to offload some responsibility for a “no” decision on Keystone XL onto the Canadian government.

The confusing world of economics

Weather forecasting, while often ridiculed, is today edging towards a fuller understanding of nature. The same can not be said about a certain other academic pursuit.

Canada could be drawn into Chinese containment strategy

China has yet to react to the changing strategic balance in its front yard, but at some point it will.

Mission-sharing: Baird was ambushed by Brits

Clearly someone in London had a small axe to grind.

Israeli attack on Iran almost a certainty

Israeli military action will largely find Middle East support. The more troublesome aspect is whether it will ensure a setback to the Iranian nuclear program.

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