Harper takes a page from Assad playbook

Implying that aboriginal opposition to Northern Gateway is a product of American money and influence is a new low.

Criminal justice without reason

Central to the success of all democratic societies are the laws which regulate the daily interactions of citizens and the associated mechanisms through which transgressors are judged and punished. Throughout history the laws societies gave themselves evolved on the basis of reason, and in the process they shed those elements of law that found foundation in faith, myth and emphasis on retribution and revenge for transgressors.

Divine rights of dynastic despots ending

There is a sense of historical constancy in that the war in Libya is not far from the city of Annaba, in northeast Algeria. There St Augustine, 1,600 years ago, elaborated the factors that would make for just war.

Alfred Dreyfus, meet Omar Khadr

A central tenet of democratic government is that citizens expect there to be no discrimination in the application of the laws, policies and actions of their elected representatives.

Flimflam and the Keeping Canadians Safe Act

Flimflam has long been a tool for those who wish to deceive or mislead. Governments everywhere use it at will.

Helping our Haitian neighbours here

At 4:53 on the afternoon of Tuesday, Jan. 12, the mantle of the earth pitched along a fault line below the surface of Haiti.

The sad reality of the Iacobucci report

Last week, former Supreme Court justice, Frank Iacobucci, completed his report on his "internal" investigation into the torture of three Canadians in Syrian and Egyptian prisons in the early years of the decade. As with the earlier O'Connor report concerning Maher Arar, the Iacobucci report focused on the actions of Canadian officials prior to and during their detentions.

Afghanistan: The hole gets deeper

There is sad irony in the fact American commanders in Afghanistan are now seeking more than 25,000 additional troops.

Expecting Harper-Obama Alchemy, Not Chemistry

One of the spectacles associated with the election of a new president in the United States is the emergence of soothsayers, prognosticators, and policy wonks who, as with the diviners of old, seek to foresee the future and offer advice on how to get there.

Cannon's Misinformed Response to Guantanamo

An ancient axiom suggests that once you find yourself in a hole you put down your shovel and start looking for a ladder.

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