Hunger is local

World leaders say there are enough resources to feed everybody, but we live in a world of 795 million chronically hungry people.

Munk Debate: How will Canada help the most vulnerable?

This isn’t just an opportunity for politicians to position themselves, it is our chance to envision the contribution we all can make.

Keep poverty alleviation on the radar

Election fever is creeping up. Through the avalanche of political ads and messages, will the voice of the world’s poor be heard at all?

Enshrine maternal and child health in law

Elevating Muskoka from a legacy initiative to a matter of official policy would send a clear signal that Canada is dedicated to the plight of mothers and children in the developing world.

Closing the gender gap

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is: equality for women is progress for all. Really? Doesn’t it boggle the mind in 2014 that this needs to be reiterated?

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