Transitions: Brutal in their despondency

Liberal CIDA critic Glen Pearson narrowly lost re-election on Monday. During his time in Parliament, Mr. Pearson was known as a non-partisan MP who tried to work with all parties in an effort to truly fix Canadian aid for the better. This is his final blog entry, published Wednesday.

Lighting the tinder around CIDA

With all the hyper-attention being paid to the unfolding drama of the CIDA minister last week, it's important to remember that far greater issues are at stake, including what a scandal of this magnitude means for the Canadian International Development Agency.

South Sudan: Against all odds

They came out of nowhere, in the process surprising the world by forcing their historic enemy to the peace table, holding special elections at a time when much of their population was on the move, and ultimately concluding a peaceful referendum that will likely lead to nationhood.

Maternal health pledge sows confusion

Amidst all the compassion and confusion swirling around the relief efforts in Haiti these days came a rather bizarre announcement from Prime Minister Stephen Harper last week.

The coming storm: Opportunity for CIDA

With countries across sub-Saharan Africa and around the world suffering encroaching environmental pressures, regions like Darfur have become the proverbial canary in the coal mine, a foretaste of climate-driven political chaos.

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