Greece and the Euro: What now?

Why didn’t the IMF blow the whistle on this long ago?

‘Existential threat’? Not so much

More Islamic State massacres are awful, but don't threaten the West's existence.

Geert Wilders is at it again

Dutch politician airs Muhammad cartoons.

Omar al-Bashir and international law

Even if it fails much of the time, the ICC is a worthwhile enterprise.

The walking dead

The fifth and most recent mass extinction was caused by a giant asteroid. The cause of the sixth extinction is a single species: us.

Waterloo: the fall of a superpower

Military power doesn’t deliver the goods any more. This is not necessarily a bad thing.

Sultan's setback

It is unlikely that Erdogan's AK Party can improve its position. Once the illusion of invincibility has been shattered, it is very hard to rebuild.

Standing up to Russian aggression

What ‘aggression’? Putin is not setting out down the path of world conquest. He is not even planning to take over Ukraine.

Greece, the never-ending crisis

The Greeks have suffered a great deal of hardship already to stay in the euro, and they seem prepared to suffer some more.

The EU and traditions of the sea

Member-state navies rescued more than 4,000 people in two days, but it wasn’t really the plan.


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