Israel, Hamas restart the dance of death

In terms of domestic politics, both sides have already accomplished what they came for—but since neither can acknowledge publicly that that’s all the war was really about, they end up raising wholly unrealistic demands at the ceasefire talks. And the war continues.

United States of Tatooine: A planet-namer's paradise

Is Xinjiang China’s Chechnya?

Islamic separatist insurgency is rising, with the authorities grasping for a solution.

New strategic realities in the Middle East

The whole environment has changed. This may require new policies and even new allies.

The legacy of the First World War

Before 1914, war was a normal political event. Afterwards, it was something to be avoided.

How ebola reveals the economics of infection

Even in this emergency, it’s public money, not Big Pharma, that is funding the research.

Gaza: A little context

Hamas wants Israel to end its seven-year blockade of the Gaza Strip. Netanyahu’s goal is harder to define. It’s become all about destroying the ‘terror tunnels.’

Minority Christians flee Iraq, Sudan

Meriam Ibrahim’s high-profile flight from Sudan is an extreme case, but others have fled religious radicalization too.

The origins of war

What the 13,000-year-old graves of Jebel Sahaba are telling us is that civilization was not the problem—and perhaps also that we are not doomed to perpetual war.

American spies in Germany: The end of trust

US intelligence agencies are completely out of control, writes Gwynne Dyer.


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