American spies in Germany: The end of trust

US intelligence agencies are completely out of control, writes Gwynne Dyer.

Gaza: Perpetuating the bloodbath

How many dead Palestinians will satisfy both Netanyahu’s need to look tough and Hamas’s need to rebuild popular support?

Jokowi or Prabowo: Indonesia votes

When the special region votes

There is room for a deal between Beijing and Hong Kong, if everybody stays calm.

It’s a little too quiet in Thailand

Just over a month after the army overthrew the PM and took control, where are the expected mass anti-coup rallies?

The worthless US?

Maybe not, but only actual allies can count on the United States showing up now when it’s needed.

Iraq: Time for a tranquilizer

Sunni militants have captured about all they can get in Iraq.

Kurdistan’s big chance

With the large but demoralized Iraqi army in tatters, the regional government's army is the only military force left in Iraq to counter invading Sunni militants. But the Kurds will want something in return for the help.

The ‘young war criminal’ speaks

ISIS rises as Iraqi cities fall

Falluja, Mosul and Tikrit have all fallen to ISIS.


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