Fusion power: Goodbye fossil fuels?

US defence industry giant Lockheed Martin is talking about building a compact nuclear reactor with no radioactive waste, no risk of meltdown and no carbon dioxide emissions. Too good to be true, or scientific miracle?

Three elections offer hope for better times

Citizens of Brazil, Ukraine and Tunisia went to the polls this week.

Blindsided by technology

The drop in oil prices is not a transient event; it’s a revolution.

A lone, naked US veto

The erosion of support for Israel has been slower in the United States, but it is happening even there.

What elections in Bolivia and Brazil tell us

While their left-leaning governments have lifted many out of poverty, don’t hail the arrival of a new and better economic growth model just yet.

Ebola's exponential climb

Developed countries see the limited help they are sending to West Africa as charity rather than a vital self-interest. But they may be wrong.

Terrorism 101: Don’t over-react

Terrorist groups always want governments to go overboard. The trick is to keep them from getting what they want.

Afghanistan's two-headed potential monster

Afghanistan’s government and nascent democratic system might actually survive and prove to be fit for purpose.

Hong Kong's future is Xi's choice

Surrendering to protests could expose Communist Party infighting, but excessive force could leave him open to criticism from abroad.

The trick is avoiding the planning blight

It was not that everybody knew Quebec’s independence would be an economic disaster, just that nobody could be certain it wouldn’t be.


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