What would a Syrian peace deal look like?

No decisive victory is possible for any side.

Why the EU-Turkey migrant deal will blow up in everybody’s face

'It will require physical force to get some of them on the planes or boats that will take them back – enough force that there will be real casualties.'

Terrorists a lethal nuisance, not an existential threat

Amid a Western media frenzy after attacks in Brussels, we must cut the problem down to size.

Obama in Havana

I’ve predicted the Cuban Communist government’s collapse before. Now, I’m not so sure.

Russians in Syria: mission (actually) accomplished

An elegant diplomatic operation backed by a precise and effective military strategy.

Obama's minimalist foreign policy

His fundamental insight is that very little in the Middle East ends up being a threat to America.

The cult of Xi

Chinese President Xi Jinping is now turning into the first one-man regime since Deng Xiaoping in the 1980s.

Zuma's zeal

Political analysts say no one believes him, yet he remains in charge.

Editing mosquitoes out of existence

Human beings have wiped out entire species in the past, but we never actually intended to before.

The bitter reality in the Syrian truce

Only the last part of Russia's strategy remains to be accomplished.

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