Climate change: The impossible deal

Paying subsidies to developing countries is the big hurdle.

Zimbabwe’s Amazing Grace

Will President Mugabe's wife be the 90-year-old's successor?

Harper has got the logic on ISIS completely backwards

The purpose of major terrorist activities directed at the West is not to intimidate Western countries, it is to get those countries to bomb Muslim countries. So far, the strategy is working just fine.

Nigeria's band plays on

Other than the three northeastern provinces, terrorism has not really risen to the top of the country's political agenda.

Ukraine: Conspiracy or cock-up?

A look back at how the past year’s turbulence came about, and what might happen next.

Calling a snap election in Japan is Abe’s gamble

It’ll be smooth sailing for him if he can keep electors focused on the economy—just not nuclear power or constitutional changes.

Caspian games

Putin has been trying for years to get a Russian veto on Central Asian pipelines across the Caspian. He’s nearly there.

China more likely to keep climate promise than US

Obama will be gone in two years and can’t bind his successors to keep his promise.

There’s no new Cold War

Russia is not the Soviet Union. It occasionally grabs a bit of territory that isn’t covered by a NATO guarantee, but it dares not go any further.

The Berlin Wall, 25 years later

'It was a radical, amazingly peaceful revolution in a part of the world that was not best known for its ability to change peacefully.' Gwynne Dyer's reflections on chasing revolutions in eastern Europe.


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