Buying time in Paris

The governments meeting in Paris know their goals aren't enough to stop catastrophic results. They are doing all they can politically, for now.

Russia's best possible scenario in Syria

Moscow was not planning a military intervention, until the officer in charge of Iran’s military aid to Assad warned Putin.

Netanyahu's story

What these attacks are actually showing is loss of faith in Abbas's ability to get a Palestinian state.

Burkina Faso: The eighth coup fails

An election will not solve all of Burkina Faso’s problems, but democracy might do it eventually.

Germany's refugees: No good deed goes unpunished

Between 1945 and 1950, some 12 million German refugees arrived in Germany. The Germans took them in.

Erdogan's war

Erdogan's priorities changed after he lost the June election. Now his own power was at stake, and to keep it he needed a war.

Putin and the terrorists

Putin does not make the same meaningless distinctions between Islamic State and the other Islamist groups that the United States insists on.

The Bernie Sanders upset

Bernie Sanders vs. Donald Trump for the presidency? At last Americans get a real choice.

Syria: Russia to the rescue?

The notion that the US can now create a moderate ‘third force’ able to defeat both the jihadis and the Assad regime is a shameful face-saving fantasy.

Fracking is winning

The Saudis are losing this battle, and it's because of two mistakes.


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