North Korea’s nukes

What does North Korea intend to do with its nuclear weapons? There are no safe assumptions.

Burundi and term limits

The time to put pressure on Nkurunziza to back off and obey the law is now.

Another Bush damaged by Iraq

Jeb Bush’s clumsy answer to a reporter prompts questions about his advisers.

The anti-terror law's real winners

Full credit to Canadians for getting past the knee-jerk phase of their response to terrorism. Nevertheless, their Parliament is still poised to pass the bill.

China's quarter-century

Most East Asian economies have followed the same pattern: a lengthy burst of speedy growth, followed by a fall to the developed-state norm.

Democracy stalls in Burma

Aung San Suu Kyi warned “too many of our Western friends are too optimistic about the democratization process.” She's got that right.

Franchise wars

A short guide to violent extremist groups, from Al Qaeda to ISIS.

Displacement activity

Why would anybody want to leave a nice, safe place like Syria or Somalia?

Yemen's storm

The legitimate president is still in exile, and the Houthis haven’t gone home either. The remainder of the country is now ruled by Al Qaeda or ISIS.

Rescued at sea, but not wanted on land

'Make no mistake, these migrants are like cockroaches,' writes one columnist.


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