Zika mania in perspective

This recent mutation in the Zika virus is not part of the endless seesaw battle between viruses and human immune systems. It is just a random event.

Europe's passport-free zone may never return

This is happening not because Germans fear French travellers or Swedes fear Danes.

The Tea Party vs. Occupy Wall Street

Both Trump and Saunders are too radical for at least a third of American voters. That would leave the middle ground: Enter Bloomberg.

Eternally white in Thailand

Asian women spend $13 billion a year on skin-whitening products. Africa is even more extreme.

Refugees, sexual harassment and Angela Merkel

The attackers in Cologne may have been mostly village boys who still believe popular Middle Eastern stereotypes.

Muslims aren't condemned to ceaseless religious wars

Hopefully they will not follow the same foolish, bloody road that Christians took 500 years ago.

Cheering and fearing at COP21

Delegates should feel justified in cheering for a job well done in Paris. Too bad the deal won’t actually stop the warming.

Things you're not allowed to say as president

A country that can ignore 63 shooting attacks in schools this year can live with Islamist attacks every few years.

Politics trumps climate change in the Maldives

Changes that brought the Maldives to this low point are a warning about what can happen to the promises countries make about reducing emissions.

Buying time in Paris

The governments meeting in Paris know their goals aren't enough to stop catastrophic results. They are doing all they can politically, for now.


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