Fracking is winning

The Saudis are losing this battle, and it's because of two mistakes.

Panspermia and the Drake Equation

Maybe the miracle of life happened on another of those 144 billion planets.

Mullah Omar: More trouble dead than alive

If al Qaeda’s claim to leadership is seriously undermined by its lies about Mullah Omar, the unification of most or all the Islamist groups under Islamic State’s authority is a real possibility.

The reunification of Cyprus—maybe

There is much optimism about these talks, because there can be no going back.

Seventy years

Truman never explained his decision not to drop the bomb on North Korea, but one possible reason is that actually seeing what nuclear weapons do to human beings may have changed his view.

Turkey joins the war—sort of

There was rejoicing in Washington, but there may be less to this change than meets the eye.

China and the dead cat bounce

Why did the regime do all this?

The hardest word to say

It’s hard to say sorry, but it’s even harder to say you’re sorry for a genocide.

After the Iran nuclear deal

If you don’t like it, and you really believe that Iran is hell-bent on getting nuclear weapons, then your only remaining option is massive air strikes on Iran. Not even the Republican Party stalwarts are up for that, and Israel without American support simply couldn’t do it on its own. What’s left? Nothing but the deal.

The generals win again

Aung San Suu Kyi used to be a symbolic leader; now she has to get her hands dirty.


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