With friends like these, the fight in Syria, Iraq is messy

Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Russia and the US each have their own, different, reasons for getting involved.

The fate of the two-state solution and Israel’s election

Netanyahu has encouraged Israelis to believe that the status quo can be a lasting substitute for a negotiated settlement. But the outside world has been losing patience.

Greece's radical rise

Greece's Coalition of the Radical Left is an ideological grab-bag of democratic socialists, Eurocommunists, Greens, Maoists, Trotskyists and assorted populists, but in Alexis Tsipras it has a young charismatic leader.

A punch from the Pope

The strategic objective of France and all the other Western target nations of Islamic extremists should be to prevent a real war.

Three months a year

Everybody assumes that lifespan grew much faster in the 19th and early 20th centuries, but it has actually plodded along at the same rate.

The strategy behind the Paris attacks

They are not the Crusades. Neither was 9/11. These are wicked and tragic events, but not a ‘war of civilizations.’

Asylum-seekers: The limits of tolerance in Europe

Even in fairly open countries like Sweden and Germany, anti-immigrant sentiment is being laid bare.

The false dawn of Cuba

Considering the attitude of Congressional Republicans over the past six years, massive obstructionism seems virtually guaranteed.

Climate change: The impossible deal

Paying subsidies to developing countries is the big hurdle.

Zimbabwe’s Amazing Grace

Will President Mugabe's wife be the 90-year-old's successor?


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