Gaza: A little context

Hamas wants Israel to end its seven-year blockade of the Gaza Strip. Netanyahu’s goal is harder to define. It’s become all about destroying the ‘terror tunnels.’

Minority Christians flee Iraq, Sudan

Meriam Ibrahim’s high-profile flight from Sudan is an extreme case, but others have fled religious radicalization too.

The origins of war

What the 13,000-year-old graves of Jebel Sahaba are telling us is that civilization was not the problem—and perhaps also that we are not doomed to perpetual war.

American spies in Germany: The end of trust

US intelligence agencies are completely out of control, writes Gwynne Dyer.

Gaza: Perpetuating the bloodbath

How many dead Palestinians will satisfy both Netanyahu’s need to look tough and Hamas’s need to rebuild popular support?

Jokowi or Prabowo: Indonesia votes

When the special region votes

There is room for a deal between Beijing and Hong Kong, if everybody stays calm.

It’s a little too quiet in Thailand

Just over a month after the army overthrew the PM and took control, where are the expected mass anti-coup rallies?

The worthless US?

Maybe not, but only actual allies can count on the United States showing up now when it’s needed.

Iraq: Time for a tranquilizer

Sunni militants have captured about all they can get in Iraq.

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