Kurdistan’s big chance

With the large but demoralized Iraqi army in tatters, the regional government's army is the only military force left in Iraq to counter invading Sunni militants. But the Kurds will want something in return for the help.

The ‘young war criminal’ speaks

ISIS rises as Iraqi cities fall

Falluja, Mosul and Tikrit have all fallen to ISIS.

The ‘pitchfork-wielding populists’ in the EU Parliament

When the West and Russia were fighting on the same team

Putin's visit to the beaches of Normandy this week calls for a look back at history.

Egypt’s man of destiny—for a while

Abdel Fatah al-Sisi needed to show massive public support for shutting down a popular revolution. He didn’t get it in this election.

Canada’s defence policy will align to its needs

The country’s genuine security concerns are few and dwindling.

The new Longitude Prize

300 years after it was first was awarded, today's version is meant to solve problems vexing humanity on issues like antibiotic resistance, paralysis and dementia.

India and China, the tortoise and the hare

The BJP’s new voters were attracted by Modi’s reputation as the man who brought rapid development to the state of Gujarat, which he has ruled for the past 13 years. They want him to do the same thing nationally.

Trouble in the South China Sea

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