Libya faces partition

As oil exports slump, the story of the Morning Glory tanker shows the country’s regional rifts.

Climate change: Documenting the blindingly obvious

The real message of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s report is that the main impact is on the food supply.

Nigeria: Is 100 years enough?

You might say that Nigeria survives because it is dysfunctional.

Welcome to the temperate zone

The first hypothesis for the extreme weather trend in North America and Europe blamed a slowing of the northern hemisphere’s polar jet stream.

Ukraine: Putin’s choice

Will he stop at Crimea, or push further into the country?

Afghanistan: Mission not accomplished

Despite Western leaders’ back-patting, the whole war was really a pointless waste of lives.

The Lockerbie Libyan was framed

Is India headed for a hard-right turn?

If the BJP’s Narendra Modi wins a majority, India is in for a wild ride.

Free Scotland, or a neverendum?

Quebec’s four-decade, three-referendum scenario is pretty grim. Does Scotland have better chances?

Erdogan at bay

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