Franchise wars

A short guide to violent extremist groups, from Al Qaeda to ISIS.

Displacement activity

Why would anybody want to leave a nice, safe place like Syria or Somalia?

Yemen's storm

The legitimate president is still in exile, and the Houthis haven’t gone home either. The remainder of the country is now ruled by Al Qaeda or ISIS.

Rescued at sea, but not wanted on land

'Make no mistake, these migrants are like cockroaches,' writes one columnist.

Eastbound and down

The centre of gravity of the world economy is moving south and east.

The killer robot difference

They don’t get tired, they don’t get paralyzed with fear, and if you lose them, so what? It’s just a machine. There’s no person in there. But that’s precisely the problem.

The pope takes a side

I can say with some confidence that both sides are wrong.

Nigeria: A plunge into the unknown

Buhari's back for Round 2 as president of the most populous African nation.

Iran is back

The alleged Iranian nuclear threat provided the basis for a decade and more of political quarantine.

Yemen: Unintended consequences

If the coalition bombs the Houthis out of Aden, but does not commit ground troops of its own, the real winners will be al-Qaeda.

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