Bibi’s back

But the re-elected Israeli leader destroyed the myth, useful to the US and EU, that there is some surviving ‘peace process.’

Putin’s resurrection

Botox? Coup? Birth of a love child? The rumour mill went into overdrive during his 11-day disappearance from public.

US strategy and the oil price war

The struggle is between the frackers and Saudi Arabia, but the wild card is the US government.

Jewish mass emigration from Europe?

Netanyahu is welcoming European Jews with open arms. But is it just electioneering?

The worst case contingency with Islamic State

Islamic State is collecting pledges of allegiance, but it hasn't conquered territory in months. How far can it go?

Netanyahu and Iran’s ‘bomb’

The PM knows Israelis, and he has been playing successfully on their existential fear that somebody else in the Middle East might also get nuclear weapons ever since he entered politics.

Murder in Moscow

No doubt the Russian president disliked and despised Nemtsov, but neither he nor any other opposition leader posed any threat to Putin’s power.

Greece loses, EU wins

When the bailout extension deal was made public last month, Greece’s PM put the best possible face on it, saying that Greece had ‘won a battle, but not the war.’ In fact he lost the first battle, and will probably lose the war too.

Egypt under Sisi

The country's president needs some excuse for destroying Egypt’s democratic revolution, and the excuse is terrorism, the bigger the better.

Hungary’s Viktator

The country's leader has declared the Western democratic model dead and looks to authoritarian regimes.

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