More ‘inquisition’ than committee hearing

Tory senator berates Canadian Muslims for being ‘thin-skinned’ in reacting to increasing hostility towards them.

How we ended up with such a mess in Iraq

Both there and in Afghanistan, the US relied too much on military solutions and too little on political reconciliation, writes Haroon Siddiqui.

Crimea is the third test case

The tepid American and European response to the Russian-Syrian axis only emboldened Putin, just as their non-reaction to his 2008 grab of the Georgian territories of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

A decade in Afghanistan and still foreigners are culturally illiterate

The recent NATO burning of Qur’ans highlights the shocking lack of knowledge of what is or is not acceptable to locals.

Religious freedom office just domestic politics

The Tories have been most vocal about the plight of groups they've been courting at the polls.

Harper's selective Arab awakening

The prime minister has been cool to both the call for a resumption of Arab-Israeli peace talks and for extending direct funding to Arab democracy movements.

'Arab spring' as much about West as not

When we allow ourselves to be pushed into thinking about a people and a region as a monolith, sans diversity and differences, we view them only in stark stereotypes. We allow racist notions to become respectable.

Time to break from Middle East dictators

What's happening in Egypt and across the Middle East is unprecedented. Scenes like this we have not seen since the 1979 revolution in Iran. Equally clear is that the American-led Western model of dealing with the Arab world is broken.

BlackBerry brouhaha all about control

About BlackBerry's battles abroad, I didn't understand much except this: Just as Stockwell Day will build prisons for criminals he cannot find, Research in Motion will give foreign governments the data tools it said it didn't have, allowing them to snoop on their citizens.

Exposing the Rights & Democracy scandal

Those who doubt the efficacy of Parliament should look at the work of House and Senate committees, which are especially effective during a minority government. In recent days, the foreign affairs committee controlled by the opposition, has helped expose the turmoil, unethical practices and possible financial wrongdoings at Rights and Democracy.

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