Harper's highly personal foreign policy

Many Canadians were stunned by Prime Minister Stephen Harper's unilateral action to order Canadian diplomatic missions abroad to henceforth prominently display portraits of the British monarch.

Canada's foreign service stuck in neutral

Who is to blame for Canada's lacklustre showing on important global issues?

Countries are now valued by their deeds

Who is ultimately to blame for Canada's recent failure to win a seat on the United Nations Security Council?

Harper foreign policy from Reform days

Does Canada's mainstream Conser-vative Party still exist - at least the one which has been a major factor in the development of democracy in this country?

On the Harper government's lamentable record

It's fortunate for Prime Minister Stephen Harper that in his seemingly limitless high regard for his own views, he's able to be totally indifferent to the views of others and remarkably immune from criticism directed at himself.

Two very different approaches to national deficits

The one is confronted by massive street protests and violence but insists his government's stringent austerity measures are the only option to avoid economic chaos and instability.

Is Israel above criticism?

Is criticism of Israeli government policies a taboo subject, akin to covert anti-Semitism?

Canadian scholarships can help Yemen

Those who fear that violence-plagued Yemen could turn into another Afghanistan should consider two complementary concepts: There can be no security in Yemen without development, and no development without security.

Warily Watching Japan's National Election

He's denounced "US-led market fundamentalism" and says his country should make a concerted effort to integrate itself politically within its immediate region, much like European countries have done through the European Union.

There's No Honour in Killing

They're called honour killings.

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