The charity that never was

What’s happened to the charitable status of Dying With Dignity Canada would be funny if it wasn’t so damaging.

Ebola is Canada's responsibility in Sierra Leone

Since Canada’s failure to win a UN Security Council term, Sierra Leone has provided the main opportunity for Canada to address the global security forum.

Translate words into deeds in fight for gay rights

Canada has done a lot at the multilateral level to show its support for LGBT rights internationally. But it should also take concrete measures on its own.

Mixing apples and rowboats: CIDA and the foreign aid debate

The striking thing about the recent spate of commentary on the Canadian International Development Agency and aid effectiveness (or lack thereof), is that much of it is offered by people who have never taught in an African school, never given an injection in a refugee camp, never evaluated a complex water and sanitation project, and, perhaps most importantly, never actually talked to someone who has benefited from Canadian foreign assistance. And all the critics notwithstanding, plenty of people have benefited.

Regulating 'blood minerals': Why the controversy?

In last week's Embassy, professor Rita Abrahamsen authored an article, "Stopping 'blood cellphones': A too-easy fix." She said that the idea of ending conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo by curbing the trade in conflict minerals is "seductive—and dangerously simplistic." The article was misleading on several important points.

Expect CIDA minister, debate to have low profile – but watch behind the scenes

Parliament is unlikely to spend much time debating international development this fall. That does not mean, however, that there won't be important decisions to make behind the scenes regarding Canadian aid policy.

John Baird remembers blood diamonds

Thought the world had taken care of blood diamonds? Think again. Following a disastrous meeting of the global diamond regulatory body in Kinshasa last month, Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird stepped in.

A hitchhiker's guide to reinventing CIDA

The malaise in Canada's international development programming and in its main protagonist, CIDA, has been the subject of many studies, parliamentary reviews and media articles over the years. Two recently released studies have addressed the problem head-on.

CIDA and the Money Doublers

Much ink has been spilled over Canada's so-called G8 initiative on maternal and child health for the developing world. Many have urged the government forward on this laudable mission, while others—demonized as spiteful people with a narrow domestic agenda—have railed against the government's exclusion of funding for abortion.

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