Of terrorists and a trade deal

As Canada boosts its trade ties with Honduras, the Central American country is linking the terror of drug cartels to that of ISIS.

White coats in the field, not boots on the ground

Some speaking notes for Prime Minister Stephen Harper at the UN.

Scots could become victims of their own virtue

Separation is insufficient to move Scotland into the realm of progressive bliss.

A moral choice looms for the Harper government

Thanks to its trade deal with Honduras, Canada inherits a refugee crisis of epic proportions.

PEN Canada, the little charity that could—speak out

NGO's headlines across Canada is a good news story about some bad news.

Mariela Castro Espin, gay rights advocate

Daughter of Raúl, niece of Fidel, mind of her own.

How a Catholic nun tore the mask off Canada’s refugee services, for me

How I learned to love Ottawa’s diplomats

Not too late to change Canada-Honduras trade deal

Honduras saw 32 journalists murdered since 2009. This deal can’t move forward without this sad fact being taken into account.

Russian envoy sees Canada-Russia bilateral ties taking a hit

‘When you have a difficult patch of misunderstanding and distrust you have to talk.’


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