We owe Angela Merkel a sincere thank you for the Ukraine peace deal

It was her clear-headed vision of the exceptional danger of a proxy war breaking out between the world’s two nuclear-weapons states that may have saved the day.

Baird’s exit: Don’t expect a change in Canadian foreign policy

Baird was, in the end, only another PMO foot soldier, loyal and unwavering.

Russia's new ambassador faces 'loudspeaker diplomacy' over Ukraine

"It is my deep belief, as you say in Canada, that at the end of the day pragmatism and common sense will prevail."

Canada's refugee services: Victim of a hostile takeover

Looking back over 2014 it is encouraging to see that many Canadians have stayed true to Canada’s reputation of generosity for refugees, despite discouraging signals from our political leaders.

Book review: John F. Kennedy’s 48 hours that made history

A yeoman’s history of the two most important presidential policy speeches of the past century.

Men with guns

When I saw the muzzle of a soldier’s rifle pointed in the direction of a little boy playing on the street in the capital of Honduras, a shiver ran up my spine despite the 27-degree heat.

Of terrorists and a trade deal

As Canada boosts its trade ties with Honduras, the Central American country is linking the terror of drug cartels to that of ISIS.

White coats in the field, not boots on the ground

Some speaking notes for Prime Minister Stephen Harper at the UN.

Scots could become victims of their own virtue

Separation is insufficient to move Scotland into the realm of progressive bliss.

A moral choice looms for the Harper government

Thanks to its trade deal with Honduras, Canada inherits a refugee crisis of epic proportions.


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