Not too late to change Canada-Honduras trade deal

Honduras saw 32 journalists murdered since 2009. This deal can’t move forward without this sad fact being taken into account.

Russian envoy sees Canada-Russia bilateral ties taking a hit

‘When you have a difficult patch of misunderstanding and distrust you have to talk.’

Harper and Peña Nieto, not amigos but there’s always hope

One issue the North American leaders should address: A crisis of the middle class.

The North Pole is claimed by the Grinch

‘You can’t eat the middle of the pie.’

Public, governments waking up to disarmament: Angela Kane

Harvard report outlines Canada’s hostile refugee policies

It puts the disintegration of relief to the most vulnerable of migrants together into one disturbing package.

A thoughtful visit to Israel’s Jews and Arabs

A human rights recipe book

A Human Rights Watch official details how some of the most successful recent advocacy campaigns have actually worked.

War is the slavery of our time

A recent peace conference shows that, like slavery, war could be abolished in only a few generations’ time—if we wanted.

Behind the propaganda

A human face from the hold of the Ocean Lady.


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