Pope Francis and the politicians

The pope tries to change the conversation in America. Will he change it for Canada too?

Canada should make 90,000 refugees its target

The refugee story that changed overnight

Canada's lost promise

This isn't a skeleton in the closet, it's a live monster allowed to continually devour children's dreams.

From Canada to Hungary and back: Propaganda campaigns

A battle of billboards is being waged over refugees in Hungary.

Pope Francis and the federal election

His encyclical is not only spiritual, but a profoundly influential political document.

A German refugee story, with a challenge for Canada

Rita and Hanns may spend their days helping the most desperate and endangered people and countering the racism of right-wing extremists, but it would be a mistake to think this work makes them dour.

With the US momentarily on the sidelines, Cuba and Canada deepen ties

They announced an expanded air transport deal during vice foreign minister's visit.

A small step for Honduran journalists

In Canada, journalists complain about opaque governments. In Honduras, they complain of being murdered.

Where do we go from here?

The record shows an increasing percentage of valid refugees from so-called safe countries.


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