A message to foreign service officers: Gain an edge in communications

Diplomacy is increasingly about public advocacy. You can have the best product in the world, but if people don’t know about it, if it’s not marketed, then what’s the point?

The Canada-United States connection

Despite how one may characterize our relationship in this family, Canada and the United States of America have been, and always will be, brothers.

Ending early and forced marriage is a foreign policy priority

'I have been shocked when other countries have called me culturally insensitive for raising this,' says Foreign Minister John Baird. 'I’m not going to stay quiet on an issue that is morally wrong and deserves to be condemned.'

Room to grow ties with India

"There is room to expand trade, to co-operate on security issues and to position Canada as the global leader in international education," says Foreign Minister John Baird.

Iran's future is freedom

'One day, Iran will have the institutions that allow its citizens to debate and to determine their future in freedom,' says Foreign Minister John Baird in address to the Global Dialogue on the Future of Iran on May 10.

Baird: 'If Canada won’t speak up...who will?'

Canada's foreign minister speaks out against early-enforced marriage and the criminalization of homosexuality. 

Canadian values 'the envy of the world,' says Baird

'Economic opportunity...rests on free, transparent and open societies. Canada’s foreign policy will continue to support the development of these societies in the Asia-Pacific region and elsewhere,' said Canada's top diplomat in Vancouver on Wednesday.

Global approach is our priority

In my time as Canada's foreign affairs minister, I have seen first-hand how important education is in our ability to lead on the international stage. The innovators, researchers, and entrepreneurs of tomorrow want to build their careers in Canada now, and it is my belief that these linkages will lead to prosperity in the years to come.

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