With TPP, perfect must not be the enemy of the good

The TPP is an innovative agreement, but the domestic implications must be assessed and understood.

Trade tops the international agenda

But it won't all be smooth sailing.

A new government and international trade

With a majority government and a stronger, left-leaning official opposition, international trade policy, practices and negotiations are unlikely to have a higher priority on the Canadian policy agenda than they have in recent years. If anything, to minimize cross-party bickering, a cautious, incremental approach to international trade and related matters will likely prevail over the next several years.

A Domestic Budget with Flexibility to Respond to International Events

The federal budget presented yesterday by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty attempts to balance the short-term need to help Canadian families, regions, and sectors and the longer-term objective of taking advantage of the crisis to lay the foundation for a more competitive, greener economy in the future.

Do Multilateral Meetings Have an Impact?

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