North Korea's Canadian window

Canada’s initial diplomatic role should be to co-ordinate a package of aid and loans and convey the contents of that potential assistance to North Korea.

Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: Join on the right terms

Decision-making talk should be held mostly between banking lawyers, not politicians.

Canada, China and a ‘recipe for mediocrity’

A review of former ambassador David Mulroney’s new book that’s making waves.

How to boost Canada-China business ties

Politicians can do more. But businesses must also remember that whatever the state of government ties, commercial contracts are driven by providing value, quality and service to customers.

Time for an independent centre on Canadian engagement with China

Opinion: Asia-Pacific

A Canada-China centre of excellence could quantify opportunities and concerns about Canada’s relationship with China on behalf of Canada’s main political parties, business, labour, NGOs, academics and think tanks.

Good first start, Harper. Now broaden the Canada-China relationship

With the pandas secured, the goodwill ambassador named, and the oil in play, the rites of passage are over and it’s time to mature this relationship. The Canadian government and companies must now focus on improving the sophistication of their game and tackle issues of substance of global, bilateral, and domestic importance.

A relationship with China built on the rule of law

Stephen Harper's majority government presents Canada with an ideal opportunity to commit to a more robust engagement with China. And the core principle should be strengthening the bilateral relationship through the rule of law.

A plan for protecting Canada's global advantage in mining

Whether the TMX and the London Stock Exchange should be permitted to merge is debatable. What is not is that the maintenance of Canada’s leadership in mining requires a long-term strategic partnership led by industry but supported by creative government policy.

Protecting Canada's reputation with potash

The Harper government and the civil service's management of the Potash Corporation deal must not be politicized. In the decade of state capitalism, Canada should exert the positive capacity of government and not hide behind laissez-faire economics as justification for paucity of leadership.

Don't expect personal ties with today's China

As a potential future prime minister, it is appropriate and timely for Michael Ignatieff to make an official visit to China prior to holding office. This will pre-empt, when or if elected to prime minister, the onset of the Marco Polo syndrome.

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