Environment Canada, agencies lapse $1-billion in spending on Conservatives’ watch

The government’s management of Environment Canada is a spectacular example of incompetence designed to mislead both the public and Parliament.

Cuts to Environment Canada won’t quench American thirst

When water becomes a commodity, the notion of water as a human right goes out the window.

Putting 'responsibility' back into corporate social responsibility

A recent court decision opens the door to foreign litigants being able to sue a Canadian company in a Canadian court for harm that took place in a foreign country.

Why lapsing is important

It’s actually poor fiscal management that money was not spent and returned to the treasury.

Canada needs a real sunshine bill

If the government doesn’t rigorously hold Canadian companies to accountability and transparency standards, it will sabotage all of its otherwise worthy initiatives and develop a reputation as weak on corruption.

Foreign policy drives defence policy

Responsible governments develop a set of objectives in their national interest, and build a defence and procurement strategy around that framework.

F-35: Harper's head is in the sand

Every party but one is asking the hard questions about costs, technical capabilities and delayed delivery dates of the F-35.

Canada is on its way to becoming a mining industry backwater

I was recently part of a group of MPs who travelled to Washington on behalf of the Canada Parliamentary group. One could have nothing but sympathy for the situation in which our American colleagues found themselves. The Canadian delegation spoke to 42 Congressman and senators. Without exception, our American colleagues were perplexed at the magnitude of their budgeting challenge.

Amending Bill C-300 highlights its importance

When the Responsible Mining Bill, Bill C-300, was first introduced in February 2009, I would never have predicted that it would attract the attention of so many people from around the world.

Responsible Mining Bill Promotes Canada Brand

The Responsible Mining Bill (Bill C-300) has been a lightning rod for debate around the issue of corporate responsibility.

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