Today's India wants a discussion between equals

There is a long history of good relations with Canada, but that is not enough to become a preferred partner for an aspirant second China.

G20 summit: Ready for a fresh agenda and style?

This is maybe the fourth year of discussions on tax evasion and perhaps the eighth year on new rules to control the mega-banks that led to the global crisis. On each, progress is glacial.

The challenges Canada's new development minister will face

Development co-operation is an inherently risky game, and the new minister should be told that being bold is essential.

Are the 'No Ones' again being 'Left Behind'?

One-time liberal voices amongst Western donors, like Canada, were almost as defensive on increasing aid volume as traditional misers.

Angela Merkel's G7, tired and aimless leadership

Ms. Merkel as chair tried, but largely failed, to get her colleagues to focus on the cycle of key global events where real leadership is essential.

New hope for reconciliation in Sri Lanka

Surprise election results offer a chance for change.

The G8 is dead; long live the G7?

While Ukraine will grab attention at this week’s summit, leaders can’t forget the still-stumbling economy.

The Global Partnership and the new politics of inclusiveness

Crimea and the consequences for global governance

The G7 voice will be just one amongst equals in global decision-making. Eventually it may wither away.

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