G20 overtaken by US-EU crisis

Where is the leadership? Has a prematurely confident G20 lost its way?

Canada should seize the lead on G20

Canada helped create the G20. Can it now re-energize its child before the forum joins the G8 in ineffectiveness?

Transparency and Canadian foreign aid

It has always been hard to get timely information on Canada's foreign aid. Now, thanks to the new "Open Government" initiative, data is easier to access on the Canadian International Development Agency's website. With this, CIDA promises "Increasing Transparency and Accountability Through Open Data." For the first time, downloadable datasets are made available to the public on annual disbursements of all forms of Canadian aid to all recipient countries. This is a great first step.

Did we throw away our chance for G20 leadership?

The time has come, but we are clearly not ready.

Walking the path to global inclusiveness

The Pittsburgh G20 summit came at the end of a very busy week of international showmanship.

Quick fix or start of a new world order?

Only a few months ago, many commentators were looking excitingly towards the G20 as the wave of a new, more inclusive future.

Will Canada Seize G8 Leadership?

Italy's G8 Summit is over, but nothing much has changed.

Is the G8 Tomorrow's Dinosaur?

Tomorrow will see this year's G8 Summit, hosted by Italy's President Silvio Berlusconi, begin in L'Aquila, the small historic town shattered by a huge earthquake just a few months ago.

The G20 Summit: Showbiz or Way Forward?

The new Club of 20 countries had its first outing on April 2.

Can the New Club Get It Right in London?

The G20 is the new club for the global power elite.

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