CAMR not the solution for poor countries

A lack of access to drugs and other essential medical supplies in low-income countries is a major global health challenge. Millions of people have perished and millions more will because they lack access to effective diagnostics, medications, health care workers, education, and sanitation.

Boat people: A complicated problem

People smuggling is big business. Unscrupulous thugs prey on people's fears of persecution or desire for a better life. Charging up to $45,000 per person (an astronomical sum in countries where people may be making only $2 a day) people get into rickety boats to make a perilous journey across the Pacific Ocean.

Needed: A global 911 system for disasters

Can something good come out of Haiti's agony? Can this catastrophe be used to change the way the international community responds to disasters?

Protecting human and environmental security

The world is in the midst of one of the most precipitous losses in biodiversity since life began on our planet more than five billion years ago.

We Have a Responsibility to Act on Zimbabwe

Fast Track UN's Mission To Sudan

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