The uncompromising state of Canada's relations with Vietnam

Canada’s distance with Vietnam can allow Ottawa to speak bluntly on sensitive matters when dealing with Hanoi.

Bill will do little to damage relations with Vietnam

History should not be left to the victors, and the experiences of those who lost are no less valid.

Asia-Pacific dispute should not go unnoticed

If Canada is intent on establishing a presence in the region, it should aspire to do more than ship oil to Asian markets.

The case for a NATO of the Asia-Pacific

Canada must dig deeper into Asia-Pacific

As the government pursues boosting ties with the region, it must explore all opportunities rather than those most evident.

Immigration fraud, Canada's forever war

Although new laws aim to prevent marriage fraud, the problem of monitoring those individuals who have slipped through the cracks remains a challenge.

Inaction in Syria is not an option

Canada has given some aid money, but could consider a non-combat military operation like the logistical support it gave French forces in Mali.

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