DFATD broke rules, left years of audits unpublished

Department to post them by month's end, it says.

Nigerian envoy’s party just lost elections. Here’s why he’s happy

High commissioner hails democratic power handover.

Foreign Affairs broke rules by leaving years of audit reports unpublished

Department admits fault, expects to post them by end of month.

Parliamentary Friends of Burma restarts

Once active group had fizzled in recent years.

Women’s World Cup: Footy fever hits diplomatic world

Corruption, politics should be viewed separate from Canadian games, say dips.

Months later, Canada, Venezuela accept each other’s ambassadors

Venezuela had indicated concern about Canadian rep’s activities in Caracas.

Charities pledge to cap Google advertising costs

They say it’s too costly for top ad spots for in-demand keywords.

The first lady of Lornado

While not on the State Department payroll, Vicki Heyman uses the arts to boost Canada-US ties.

Canada to lift visas on some travellers from Mexico, Bulgaria, Romania, Brazil

Online screening, set to start next year, meant to give a security cushion.

The future of education

The EU’s education policy chief on the technology ‘tsunami,’ international student mobility and why PhDs are pouring coffee.


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