Nepal, Canada speaking the same language

New ambassador wants trade and investment boost, and so does Canada.

LA consulate’s culture guru bowing out

Roz Wolfe is retiring after 33 and a half years of talking up Canada in Tinseltown.

Golberg takes ADM spot working with Canadian aid groups

She replaces Paul Samson, who left for Finance Canada.

Mexico hopes eventual Three Amigos summit is ‘warmer, in every sense’

Southern neighbours would rather not face Canada’s chilly February weather—or chill in relations.

Vacancies leave IDRC board unable to meet for third time in as many years

Former insiders say development research centre hasn’t had the ministerial attention it deserves.

Canada flirts with starting development finance institution

Meant to give private sector a nudge to invest in developing countries they would otherwise deem too risky.

Nigel Fisher the humanitarian—and his brush with Hollywood

The global public servant and Canadian was in Ottawa last week to receive an award from the GG.

Military harm to civilians in Iraq ‘concerning,’ UN humanitarian chief says

Valerie Amos, who is set to leave her post in March, says countries like Canada can use their weight to push for greater accountability from countries to follow humanitarian law.

How Michaëlle Jean became the Francophonie head

Her charisma, hard work, and Harper’s negotiating skills likely helped seal the deal.

Michaëlle Jean a front-runner to lead Francophonie

The former governor general could come out on top if there's no African consensus candidate, say observers.


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