Feds told monitoring Arctic oil spills a challenge

Not enough is known of how spill in Arctic waters would affect marine life, report says.

Diplomats look to provinces for climate change progress

After federal rebuffs, top envoys see provincial leaders as more fruitful partners.

Former ambassador to seek NDP nomination

St. Kitts and Nevis setting up a high commission in Ottawa, Cuso International hires a new CEO.

France's ambassador reflects on Canada, the 'bad pupil' in the climate change classroom

He's headed back to Paris while Greece's new top diplomat talks about the legacy of Hellenic culture.

Back to Parliament: Committees

A look at what's in store for parliamentary committees this sitting.

'Canadian interests' threatened by Polar Code: Transport Canada

Many of Canada's preferences are included in the draft code.

From the flower shop to the embassy

Ecuador's new ambassador is a businessman at heart, Sudan looks to boost ties and France's envoy heads home.

Foreign service benefit talks facing long delays

It could be a year of tough battles for union leaders.

Hand waves goodbye

Chilean secretary also leaving; Parliament's sergeant-at-arms named Canada's next ambassador to Ireland.

Thailand’s national day party leaves some community members miffed

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