Supreme Court to hear Gulf War-era dispute

Nearly 20 years after Iraq plundered Kuwaiti passenger planes, the case comes to Canada as the latter tries to recoup its losses.

Tackling a root cause of Afghan instability

Last fall, Taliban militants in Pakistan attacked a UN World Food Program compound in Islamabad, killing five workers.

EU wants all-access pass to Canadian procurement

Confidential European briefing notes show a desire to bid on contracts with utilities, port and airport authorities.

Looking for an African plan

African diplomats and international development experts gathered at the Château Laurier last week for a two-day IDRC conference on innovation and technology in Africa, called Africa's New Frontier.

NGO's calls to CIDA go unanswered

Alternatives says it doesn't know whether its funding has been cut.

Jason Kenney saves the children

Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has been one of the faces of the government's Haitian earthquake response, speaking about family reunification and speeding up adoptions for families who had already begun the process.

Prorogued MPs get their democracy fix in Ukraine

Even though Parliament is prorogued right now, a handful of Canadian parliamentarians got to see democracy in action when they travelled to Ukraine to be election monitors for the Jan. 17 presidential race.

EU uses trade talks to pressure Canada on copyright laws

But a former trade official warns against major regulatory changes in negotiations.

Post-traumatic stress real threat to aid workers, diplomats

Adrienne Carter felt the earth shaking for months after returning to Victoria, BC, from Pakistan in 2005. A clinical therapist with Médécins Sans Frontières, she had been working in the country after a devastating 7.6-magnitude earthquake in Kashmir.

Seeing opportunity amidst the rubble

Last week's tragic Haitian earthquake means the country will have to be built from scratch, experts say.

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