Through a minefield: How a bureaucratic battle led Canada's lead cluster munitions negotiator to resign

This is the final installment of an Embassy special feature on a ranking Canadian diplomat, Earl Turcotte, who was squeezed between Foreign Affairs and the Canadian and American militaries.

Through a mine field: The story of Earl Turcotte

Embassy presents the first of a two-week series on one Canadian's 15-year effort to ban cluster munitions—and the bureaucratic mess that ensued.

Ukrainian envoy confident of fresh foundation

When asked what his proudest moment was over the past five years, Ukrainian Ambassador Ihor Ostash begins making a list. At the top is the unveiling in Ottawa of a statue to famed Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko in June. Second is a recent tour by train from Halifax to Edmonton following the path the first Ukrainian immigrants to Canada along 125 years ago.

Palestinian envoy seeks to 'relaunch' relations in advance of UN vote

But confusion over Baird visit, opposition to UN motion tempers optimism.

'Your first posting is like your first love'

Russian Attaché Konstantin Kolpakov says he isn't much of a poet. But as describes his time in Ottawa, there are times his natural skill shines through.

'The TPP, without Japan, does not excite us': Gerry Ritz

Canada has long been an agricultural power in the world. Last year, the country exported $35.5 billion worth of wheat, beef, canola and other agricultural and food products. The food and beverage manufacturing industry is a major power in the country, with exports worth $20.8 billion last year, an eight per cent increase from the previous year, according to the federal government.

Israel asked Canada to reverse decision on funding for UN Palestinian refugee agency

CIDA documents on UNRWA prompt fresh questions about role of Jewish lobby groups in policy making.

Diplomatic Agenda

Your weekly listing of international events across Canada.

Diplomatic Agenda

Your weekly calendar of international events across Canada.

Security, democracy new focus in the hemisphere

Following her first visit to the region, Minister of State for the Americas Diane Ablonczy says Canada is planning to focus more on security and democracy in the hemisphere.

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