The EU's Mr. Magoo impression at the UN

The Europen Union in mid-September suffered what one European diplomat described on condition of anonymity as an "embarrassing" defeat when a United Nations General Assembly resolution to give the bloc most of the rights enjoyed by fully-fledged UN members was defeated after a majority of states voted to delay debate on the subject.

EU integration: From a canter to a gallop

BRUSSELS—In the middle of August, most European papers are filling their pages with "silly season" stories of thieves baring their breasts as a distraction while pickpocketing Frenchmen, and Naomi Campbell bizarrely finding herself a witness at a war crimes tribunal in the Hague.

Europe kinda, sorta, mostly united on bank tax

BRUSSELS—Making the online rounds here in the last few months has been a very cute—puppies-and-bunnies-grade cute—viral cartoon from Canadian NGOs pushing for a global bank tax, or "Robin Hood Tax." It's sharply animated in retro-'50s style, narrated by what sounds like a six-year-old.

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