Time to study Canada’s approach to foreign investment deals

As lawsuits gather pace, it’s clear more reflection is needed on FIPAs.

What Australia can teach Canada about Chinese investment deals

Thanks to their get-out-of-court-free cards, Chinese and Hong Kong firms took issue with Australian environmental regulations and anti-tobacco policies.

Some in EU want to slow trade talks with Canada

Fears Canada will take NAFTA route balancing government and business rights.

Why did Dow abandon its NAFTA case?

Last month brought news of a settlement in the long-simmering dispute over Quebec's 2006 phase-out of a popular pesticide ingredient, the chemical 2,4-D.

NAFTA chemical case goes Canada's way

Victory for Foreign Affairs over Chemtura may scare Dow off.

Canadian expats can't hold Costa Rica liable for losses

A group of Canadian investors have failed in their attempt to sue Costa Rica for millions of dollars lost in a bogus investment scheme.

Big Tobacco tests anti-smoking rules

Even where there's no smoke, sometimes there may be fire. Just ask Uruguay.

Pesticide-maker fiddles; officials burn

When Dow Agrosciences filed a NAFTA lawsuit against the Government of Canada in March of this year, it seemed the government was in for a battle.

Glamis Gold's Chapter 11 Suit Flops

Canadian mining firm's failed NAFTA complaint sets precedent.

Dow Suit is Seminal NAFTA Chapter 11 Test

Let's get one thing straight.

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